Location Scouting & Management Services

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Locate Productions’ Scouting and Management services combine our years of experience working on feature films, photographic campaigns and TV commercials, since Scouting meant using paper maps, shooting on film and recce images were couriered rather than emailed in today’s digital age.

We have scouted all over the UK and beyond, from bus stops in Belfast to boats in Brighton and beaches in Brazil. What was known as Location Scouting is now often referred to as research or ‘desktop recceing’, where locations that are known or have already been discovered, are collated for presentation. Sourcing new places, however, is still our passion and is the backbone of this service.

Sometimes scouting is the easy part and the challenges lie in finding the location owner, getting permissions, having the right approach, negotiating the deal and completing the paperwork. This side of the business may not be very glamorous, but is just as important as finding the perfect location in the first place.

We love a challenge, so put us to the test!

Click on the map below to read more about a selection of the locations we have scouted and managed for our clients and their campaigns.